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Industry:  Ackley Capital is interested in the manufacture of products that serve the essential needs of families; Pure Air & Water, Food & Beverage and Infrastructure (Examples: Energy, Transportation, Recycling, Building Products).

Product & Position:  We have a bias toward manufactured products sold through business to business channels.  We favor companies with:

• Consumable Products
• Meaningful Brand Market Share
• Positive Company/Product Reputation
• Proprietary Nature to Product/Service Offering

Annual Revenue: 
Annual revenue expectation for acquisition candidates is $5 million to $50 million.  When the opportunity profiles well against other criteria, scale is of lesser importance.  Opportunities with annual revenue less than $5 million may be considered if they are synergistic with existing portfolio companies.  The size of a transaction will be considered primarily based upon conservative capital requirements.

Headquarters & Markets: 
We prefer that candidate headquarters are located in the Western states.  Markets may be global.

Candidate Sources: 
Some examples in which Ackley Capital is a resource include:

• Shareholder Liquidity Events
• Performance/Strategy Driven Corporate Divestitures
• Market/Technology Driven Business Revisions
• Creditor/Balance Sheet Driven Financial Reorganizations


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